Local Delivery Services

Local Delivery Services

Local Delivery Services

Regional Door-to-Door Local Delivery Solutions

Regional Local Delivery

Does your business require your products to be delivered door-to-door to your customers in South East Asia? Our local delivery capability includes not only local delivery in Singapore but also across the region. Our regional delivery service handles all product types for all customer types.

Delivery for b2b and b2c

Our b2b and b2c delivery services manage distribution to a local?and?cross-border locations. We handle delivery to both commercial and residential address. Our solutions include bulk delivery, tracking of shipments, and call center support relating to residential deliveries. Lastly, our last mile delivery service help you to track your shipments and manage international deliveries.

Local and cross-border delivery

Delivery to commercial and residential address

Bulk delivery to residential addresses

Tracking of shipments

Management of international deliveries

Halal delivery capability