Extend your sales in Singapore with maximum transparency.

PFCEX Fulfilment offer you the best order fulfilment solutions in Asia, enabling your eCommerce brands to enhance their reputation, help grow their business and reach new and expanding markets across the world through our unique eCommerce fulfilment technology.

We can work it out for you.

Business Growth

We're experts in business growth – as your order volumes grow, our service grows with you. Our order fulfilment system is designed to get your products to your customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Customer Experience

We help you create loyal customers and build an excellent reputation. We provide fast, accurate and reliable order fulfilment to create a positive experience for your customers every time they order.


Our custom built system is easy to use and takes the complexity out of fulfilment so that we can focus on delivering a service that is simple and efficient for all your customers orders…


Our system gives you extensive visibility of all your e-fulfilment operations. With live reporting tools giving you access to information in seconds, allowing you to make informed decisions as to how your business is run!